about us

Worldsom Solar Energy is the leading and trusted solar energy service provider in Somalia. The company was established in 2009 by a group of Somali engineers who are driven by passion for green energy. The company aims to adopt sustainable energy by introducing renewable energy that is reliable, cost effective and accessible.

Worldsom Solar Energy adopts green production processes that comply with environmental laws and environmentally friendly strategies.


Our vision is to become a leader in the renewable energy and energy efficiency in Somalia by providing products and services of high quality and value.

Our dream is a world that empowers people to use solar energy without limits.


Our mission is to promote a clean and sustainable environment and provide new energy solutions with increasing economies of scale. 


We strive to provide selfless, enthusiastic service. With a friendly attitude, positive thinking, and peer encouragement, we foster a great work environment. In face of difficulties and challenges, you will find us in constant pursuit of perfection and excellence. Through these ideals, we satisfy our customers and coworkers. We also apply this same enthusiasm to creating work-life balance.

We work hard at all facets of innovation. In cultivating innovation, we create an environment that inspires new ideas, solves problems, and creates new opportunities.


Production and development is done as environmentally right as possible. We use materials and production methods that have the least possible damaging effect on the ecological system and our own working environment.

We work to achieve excellence in all we do regardless of our position or function. We always try to attain the best possible results and strive for continuous improvement.

We believe that we are stronger as a energetic team. Effective communication and coordination helps our teams work at their best. As a team, we invite opinions, encourage participation, and share experiences in our decision making process. Together we work to achieve our goals.

We are proud that integrity has always been a part of Worldsom Solar Energy’s culture and we credit all of our employees. We always work towards the best interests of Worldsom  Solar and we always keep our promises. We never lie or cheat. We maintain a high level of professionalism and ethics with all of our customers and coworkers. Only those with the aforementioned attributes can have a successful career at Worldsom. We respect the female workers(staff) in the company, which is one of our core vision. 

Social Contribution

To fulfill our corporate social responsibility, Worldsom Solar Energy actively promotes science education and public appreciation of culture and arts, participates in community development, and more. In 2012 we helped five villages to their schools a lighting system which can help the children read and write at night. On the other side, the company had provided some kind of capacity building workshops encouraging the community (the participants included female) to understand the importance of green energy. We are proud of that, and still we are ready to conduct more workshops of green energy.